Introducing John Gotting

‘Change Your Course’ Article Reprint about our unique Presentation Course.

Many of my clients say that with staffing levels and ever-demanding workloads time, not money, is their most scarce and valuable resource, so minimising ‘down time’ is a key factor in all my offerings whether in recruitment, development or outplacement.

Many clients have high labour costs and tight budgets so  I work hard to make sure every pound adds value.    I use powerful assessment tools plus in-depth interviewing to enhance decision-making and reduce risk.

One size never fits all so I profile delegates using Myers-Briggs to understand them better, appreciate their strengths and identify and address or manage their potential limitations or weaknesses.  In short I help people to work better … individually and in teams.  By teams I mean two or more people, since two person teams are the most common teams on the entire planet. 

STILL NOT SURE … ?  Need some reassurance?  

1. In 25 years all but 2 of our clients have come through repeat business or client referrals.  

2. Since 1992 we have helped over 8000 corporate employees and 450 private clients. 

3. Read what clients say on the Testimonials Page.