In Company Work

HR Director roles at Estee Lauder and Heron International, two demanding International organisations, gave me a strong commercial focus and and even stronger skill set that underpins my Consultancy and Coaching.  
I understand the importance of developing strong partner relationships and have worked with many of my clients for over a decade and some for 25 years.

As a Consultant
  I help clients to solve problems … from Assessment to Outplacement and much of the stuff in-between.  I often act as a mentor and sounding board to MDs and HR Directors when they need ‘outside eyes’ for an objective viewpoint.

As a Coach 
I cover all levels and most sectors and have operated in 7 mainland European countries.  My expertise may be used to coach an Assistant Chief Constable for promotion one day and to train line managers to present the following day. The core areas I specialise in are on the drop down menu of this section, however for many clients my knowledge of their business, their people and their culture means they will use me for a whole range of services, such as Outplacement for departing senior managers, for Organisation Culture Analysis or for 360 Feedback.  One size never fits all … so I use personality assessment to guarantee my input is totally personalised.
As a ‘Second Generation’ Mentor Increasingly I’m being engaged by long-standing clients to give their adult offspring the knowledge, insights and competitive advantage in their late teens and early 20’s that they gained in their 30’s and later. One client has sent me 3 offspring  in the space of 5 years, a true testament to the commercial value of this service.

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