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Who buys my coaching and training services … ?

Since 1992 as well as Chief Executive Officers, Vice-Presidents and Managing Directors I’ve coached Directors, Managers and Supervisors … and front line employees from most business sectors and disciplines, spanning 27 nationalities and 7 countries. 

When I first started I was a ‘cold-calling coward’.  Absolutely true!  It was apparent very early in my self-employment that networking would be crucial for my survival.  However as an INTJ personality type this was neither natural nor easy.  It did not help that my ‘Myers-Briggs Type’ was shared with just 1.4% of the UK population.  As a result I was obliged to develop strategies and techniques to flex my style massively to engage with the other 98.6% of the UK population.

To achieve this I developed a simple but clever method of networking using some of the psychometric tools I still use today.  My approach is almost totally organic and, with client referrals, the main source of new clients.

Two examples illustrate this:1.  I found myself coaching the Chief Pilot of one of the UKs biggest retailers and, as a massive aircraft enthusiast, had the pleasure of sitting in the ‘driving seat’ of their Gulfstream jet  …  albeit only on the airport tarmac!

2.  A more powerful example is my work with various police services. I worked with more than 160 Senior Police Officers across the UK and Northern Ireland covering 14 Regional Police Services.  Much of my work involved  coaching at Assistant Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable level.  With the ‘Met’ Police networking got me the opportunity to train a Deputy Assistant Commissioner.  Bill, a delightful and engaging individual, personally attended and evaluated my Advanced Presentation Skills programme before sending many of his officers.  Interestingly, on leaving the force, he also become a business coach!

What does a coaching programme look like?  Coaching typically starts with a diagnostic phase which might can include input from the individual’s manager, 360° feedback, psychometric profiling plus my own in-depth interviewing which enables me to be specific about the development need and the sort of programme that might best suit the individual.  Coaching programmes I deliver typically have 4-6 coaching sessions and these 1-2-1s sessions are supplemented by Open Courses.
These include ‘Improving Communication with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator’,  Intensive Presentation Skills & Influencing Skills’ and our powerful new programme ‘Realise your Potential’.  See URL links on this website to download flyers.




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