Clients use our assessments services for a range of applications - typically starting with pre-employement assessment.  Depending on the client and on the application I will use one or more of the following Psychometric Questionnaires 16PF, Myers Briggs and DISC.

Presentation Skills
We profile delegates using Myers-Briggs prior to them attending our presentation and influencing skills workshops.  This enables us to understand their instinctive style and provide feedback in ways that are most appropriate.  It also helps them to identify aspects of their presentation style that may work against them and identify specific techniques to address them.

Team Development and Organisational Change
We generally use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a platform for team building.  This helps team members to understand themselves and their colleagues, validate strengths, identify weaknesses, appreciate differences in communication styles and harness synergies to solve problems.

Coaching and Mentoring
We start all coaching programmes with a ‘diagnostic’ phase which includes the use of two or more psychometric questionnaires.  This provides information that helps the coach to understand how the individual likes to ‘self-manage’, lead and influence others. This helps them to use innate strengths with greater confidence whilst working on weaknesses is a more targetted way.

Assessment for recruitment uses information from two or more personality questionnaires supplemented by an extensive, in-depth interview.  Assessment reports typically provide detailed feedback under nine headings. These can provide clients with knowledge and insights that would otherwise take 3-4 months to acquire.

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