Team Building

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 What are the benefits of running a Team Building workshop?

  • Significantly reduces the time that new teams take to become productive.
  • Improves the quality of the interactions within any team and with their ‘customers’.
  • Improves communication, co-operation and problem-solving.
  • Helps teams recognise and use diverse individual strengths.
  • Helps the team’s manager better understand members’ drivers and motivators.

In addition to long-term team development benefits, many clients identify specific short-term benefits and financial savings ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds.  Call  or Text +44 (0)7973 561265 for more information on Team Working or to request a Flyer.

What sort of teams?

The workshop is a great way to help existing teams to enhance communication, co-operation and productivity and to help newly formed teams to come together more quickly and effectively.  It is particularly helpful where there are geographically or  culturally diverse teams.  Over 160 workshops have been run for more than 50 clients in the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Hungary covering most business sectors and around 28 nationalities.

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