John has the rare gift of helping others achieve their potential. He combines vast experience of coaching both teams and individuals, with a deep and diverse technical knowledge, all of which he skilfully adapts for the particular challenges of each coachee. Insightful and empathetic, his advice is personal, precise and practical. John has made a real difference to my performance and to the effectiveness of my team.
Graham Prothero, CEO, Galliford Try

John uses a blend of interpersonal and data rational skills to form a basis for his mentoring programme which enables the participant to self analyse and develop a plan to improve performance.  John’s skills not only work at a one to one level but produce excellent dynamics with groups.
Michael Jones, Vice-President, GE Aviation 

I first worked with John in 1995 as a Director of VNU UK.  Later, as MD of VNU France I used him to do employee assessments and team-building.  After my role expanded to include MD Germany I started a six month coaching programme with him that helped me to deal effectively with the diverse challenges of managing two geographically and culturally different subsidiaries. His in-depth knowledge of psychometric tools and his extensive practical experience proved very valuable.
Jonathan Ross, Managing Director, Social Fuel

I have been on many courses, for many different reasons. This course was by far and away the most fulfilling, enjoyable and satisfying I have ever attended.
Sharon Morris, Sales Manager, Coty Rimmel

Thanks for an excellent ‘Making Connections’ course. I thought I was accomplished at networking but the course made me realize that to be effective, networking needs to be structured and random at the same time.
Stirling Murray, Managing Director, Bourjois 

Thanks for a great two days.  The real-life examples, together with easy to use ‘reminder cards’, have ensured that I now have sufficient knowledge from which to draw to get the most out of my interaction with other people.
Rick Honiball, Head of Human Resources, Estee Lauder, Scandinavia

Thank you for your energy and effort in what was a very enjoyable and enlightening 2 days.  We were all somewhat drained at the end and were all soundly asleep much earlier than usual on Friday night.  A sure sign that everyone felt personally challenged and had put a lot in.  The exercise was well run and achieved everything I hoped for.  I suggest we meet in a few weeks time to discuss … where next?
Paul Herbert, Managing Director, Doncasters

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the training day, I found it totally inspiring and absolutely invaluable.  It is the best training course I have ever been on and would recommend it to anyone.
Melanie Bramley, Assistant Brand Manager, Elizabeth Arden 

Thanks for following up and for a very useful 2 days. I think you are right – all of the team have benefited.  It seems to have hit home clicked with a number of us.  I think with all of us trying to use the same technique the gearing effect should be interesting to see.  I can see it already in action in a number of individuals which is pleasing.  The feedback I have had from the team is they think it has been very worthwhile and ‘the best thing we have done off site together.
Jerry Haller, Engineering Director, Smiths Aerospace

I  have worked with John for over a year in both group and one to one sessions. He has added real benefit to me in terms of personal delivery and productivity.  John has a comprehensive range of business experience that makes him an ideal coach. He finds an excellent balance in terms of challenge and support and he has been a tremendous asset in my personal development as a senior police leader.
Tim Madgwick, Assistant Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police

I have been working with John over the past eighteen months as part of my personal development programme. I decided to work with John as his personal approach is focused upon the individual.  From his broad personal knowledge and expertise he is able to draw upon a range of techniques and coaching tools; MBTI, DISC, NLP that benefit the individual rather than delivering a one dimensional corporate package.  The benefits have been to improve my confidence and effectiveness.  I have recommended John to a number of colleagues as he is able to operate at the executive level, respond flexibly to your development needs and promote a  learning style that benefits the person, team and organisation.
Terry Sweeney, Assistant Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police 

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